Swerve Robotic Systems

Swerve is a highly agile, autonomous, and ROS-enabled mobile platform that is designed up to the ASTM and ADA standards for human safety and industrial use.

Swerve is optimized for human and product transportation and can instantaneously move in any direction allowing for highly agile maneuvers. On-board state estimation algorithms coupled with optical flow, GPS, and IMU data provides the robot an understanding of its location and environment. Swerve is targeted for warehouse optimization, entertainment, and transportation industries.


June 7th, 2018

The Swerve Robotic Systems team was selected as the top senior design capstone project in the Drexel University College of Engineering for the 2018 Senior Design Competition.


Swerve is a ROS-enabled robot

Swerve has omni-directional drive

Swerve is open source

Swerve is autonomous

Swerve can be human operated

Swerve complies with human safetry standards

Meet the Team

Harrison Katz

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Analysis

Alexander Nhan

Machine Learning

Software Developer

Frederick Wachter

Software Developer


Matthew Wiese

Mechanical Design



Dr. Ajmal Yousuff

Head Advisor

Dr. Tein-Min Tan


Josh Geating

Technical Advisor


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